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RCM8 Setup Problem Solver

​If racing was easy, many more people would compete.  However, it's  not easy.  A key element to a successful racer is to breakdown where they can improve from the perspective of the 'car's handling'. Equally if you are having an issue it's imperative you can identify exactly where the problem is occurring.  RCM8 Problem Solver has the answers for you.... it's very simple.  Follow this guide, make the neccessary changes and your performance will improve before you know it!  There are three key elements you need to understand before working out what to adjust. The great thing is, once you have worked out the three elements RCM8 have put together a guide of things you can consider adjusting to help you on you way.  The are up to three elements you need to understand:  ​When is the problem occurring or what do you need to improve? (Corner Entry, Mid Corner, Corner Exit, When Braking.... Or do you need help with Preventing Grip Roll, Improve Straight Line Stability or want to Steer Faster / Corner Quicker?  Once you've identified 'when' you need to understand if it is happening On Power, or Off Power.... And finally, 'what' is happening - Is the car Oversteering or Understeering? Once you have understood this, you can simply click on the options that apply and RCM8 will very quickly take you through the steps and present a range of options for you to try.   The setup options are set out in an order of what to try first and if it is the front or the rear.  If however you feel the option is 'definitely not that' then move onto that.  A good example, is when you're being told to go to a softer tyre and you're already on the softest tyre possible - well you can't go softer so move onto the next option first.  Give it a go....  who knows, could you be the next world champ!  Disclaimer Please note, the set up guide is a general guide.  Setting up a car is very personal to each individual drive, track and conditions.  Setup depends not only on the car but your driving style, the temperature, track conditions, 2wd / 4wd etc. The guide is there purely to give you a helping hand and has been put together through years of study and trying things out.

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