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Lots of new and exciting products arriving this week

Lots of new and exciting products arriving this week

That's right, we've been super busy sourcing and purchasing exciting new products for the RCM8 store this week. You will start seeing the new additions over the next two weeks starting from today.

Today, we've uploaded a range of glues and tools because we felt these areas on the website needed improving. We've added both CA and epoxy plastic-safe glues and an aerosol accelerator by amazing brands such as ZAP and Revell. We've also added an affordable 12v rotary tool, hobby knives and a cutting mat for those that love to create, modify and fix.

Arriving next week is the famous micro-scale wire from TQ - a 20AWG wire that was designed specifically for Mini-Z and slot cars, consisting of 266 strands of pure copper in a thin, flexible jacket of silicone - the highest quality wire available. Also arriving next week is a whole host of new PN Racing parts including the new MRC01 entry-level RTR car, plus wire, heat shrink, plugs and connectors, tapes, Velcro and much more.

Whilst Martin has been busy sourcing and purchasing that lot, Steve has been super busy with the acquisition of a large scale (1:5) racing store, and has been painstakingly sorting out hundreds, if not thousands, of large scale products for our store, and also sorting out our mobile trackside parts store that will be seen at Brookland Raceway when it reopens!

As always with RCM8, the future is very exciting.

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