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MPower parts for Kyosho Mini-Z AWD

Brand-new products in stock and new Loyalty Club

There have been lots of new and exciting products landing at the RCM8 headquarters over the past couple of weeks which are now live on the website for our amazing customers to enjoy.
We now stock a large number of upgrades for the Mini-Z AWD by the amazing brand, MPower. We stock upper covers, shock stays, upper and lower arms, hubs, realistic-looking brake discs and a whole load of other parts, and in many different colours too! To see the full range, head over to the MPower collection here:
We’ve also taken stock of Brian Swayney’s highly sought after Mini-Z 4x4 accessories that includes roof racks, luggage cases and gas cans, body lifts and much more. These parts are 3D printed but are very high quality and will look amazing on your 4x4! Check out the Brian Swayney collection here:
PN Racing also updated their stock recently, so we took advantage and stocked up on various Mini-Z RWD parts that have been out of stock for a very long time. These include the 93-102mm motor mount, the amazing Double A-Arm V3 front suspension kit, the Tri-Damper rear suspension kit and much more. Again, to see the full PN Racing collection, head over to
Last but not least, keep an eye out for an RCM8 email tomorrow for full details about the brand-new and very exciting, RCM8 Loyalty Club. Our loyalty club will give all of customers a chance at earning cash rewards and exclusive deals for showing us their continued and much respected loyalty. There’s a lot of you that return to our store time and time again, so it’s time that you are rewarded for doing so.
Keep safe, keep healthy and, most importantly, keep enjoying your Mini-Z cars!
Steve and Martin.
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