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Mini-Z RWD - Beginner Upgrades

So, you've recently bought a Mini-Z RWD and are probably wondering which upgrades will help you as a beginner. Well, we've kindly put together this collection of products for people like you.

To start with, make sure your bearings are metal ones. If they're plastic, try upgrading to the metal ones in this collection. If your bearings on your car are old and/or your wheels don't spin freely, try replacing them or cleaning them.

You will want to replace your original plastic wheel nuts with metal ones as the plastic ones will round off/thread after a number of uses, and your wheels could come off mid-race.

If racing on Kyosho/RCP track, you will want to replace the tyres that came with your car with better tyres. Choosing the right tyres is personal preference and much to do with your track's conditions. Try asking a member of your club or group which tyres to use. A good starting point would be soft rear tyres (20 shore) and medium fronts (30 shore).

Replacing the front knuckles/steering blocs to aluminium versions will allow for camber changes (-3, -2, -1, +0, +1, +2, +3) and greatly reduce the chance of the knuckles breaking/bending after impact. Changing the camber is not something we'd recommend for beginners though.

Front springs will help dial your car in. It's best to drive your car with the stock springs first, so you can see what can be improved. If you're experiencing understeer, try using one of the softer springs. If you're experiencing oversteer, try using one of the harder springs. Tyres will also help fix understeer/oversteer issues.

The upgrades in this collection are ideal for anybody starting out racing Mini-Z RWDs. Good luck out there!

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