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Pre - Order Tyres


  • Next order date for the Nationals: Thursday 15th September
  • Orders taken up until 8am on Thursday 15th September
  • Expected delivery date:  26th September 2022

Order Process:  Place order > Choose Delivery Option > Checkout and Pay Deposit > Await Confirmation of Amount Due and how to Pay > Pay Bill (Or don't pay and receive a full refund) > Receive Tyres as soon as the delivery has been received from the manufacturer.

This section is for pre-ordering tyres and for Large Scale BRCA members in the UK only. When ordering you will check out at £1 per pair of tyres. Following check out, RCM8 will contact you to let you know how much the tyres and delivery (if applicable) will cost, if you are happy with the price you will go ahead and make payment (payment details will be supplied and of course the £1 per pair paid will be deducted), however if you are not happy with the price (RCM8 supply at cost) or you do not pay the balance, then your order will be cancelled and the £1 per pair paid will be refunded. Until payment is received, your order is NOT valid! We will also confirm the expected delivery date. 


Please select your delivery method and pay the applicable delivery fee at the end.


  • Tyres are not free! 
  • RCM8 cannot be held responsible for a late delivery - we are behold to the supplier and the speed at which they work. Given challenges around sourcing materials on a global basis, delivery times can change. RCM8 communicate constantly with the suppliers and do our best to hit the dates we share. 
  • RCM8's advice is to buy tyres for the next event and the event after - then keep ahead.
  • All Tyres are UK Shipping only! Orders outside of the UK will be cancelled
  • If you do not follow follow what is required for a Tyre Pre-Order then your order will be cancelled.
  • RCM8 have the right to not supply the tyres at cost price. 

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