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Pre - Order Tyres


Deadline for Orders: Monday 13th June 22, 8.30AM

Expected Delivery: Thursday 23rd June 2022


Upon Check out, the value will show as £0 due, the amount discounted + the delivery fee is the amount you are liable to pay - this amount MUST be paid via PAYPAL 'Friends and Family' option to avoid fees, remember we are selling tyres at cost. When sending payment, please quote your order number as the reference. Your order will not be confirmed until payment it received. Payment is due immediately!


  • Tyres are NOT Free
  • DO NOT order other products with this Tyre Pre-Order
  • RCM8 cannot be held responsible for a late delivery - we are behold to the supplier and the speed at which they work. Given challenges around sourcing materials on a global basis, delivery times can change. RCM8 communicate constantly with the suppliers and do our best to hit the dates. To date, we haven't missed a deadline. 
  • RCM8's advice is to buy tyres for the next event and the event after - then keep ahead.
  • How do we get to the prices you pay: Cost of goods, +import delivery, +import duty, +VAT due to the government upon a sale - Yes, RCM8 is completely above board and VAT registered etc. RCM8 are not looking to make any money out tyres, however we cannot afford for them to be a cost to us. A lot of time and effort goes into arranging the delivery of your tyres.
  • All Tyres are UK Shipping only! Orders outside of the UK will be refunded immediately with fees deducted
  • If you do not follow follow what is required for a Tyre Pre-Order then your order will be cancelled and the funds refunded.


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