Graphic removal

  • What’s the best way to cleanly remove the graphic from the doors and rear wing on this body without damaging the paint/plastic please? 

  • I don't think there is to be honest you could try some wire wool and polish back up after

  • @Colin Smith Thanks Colin. I successfully removed the graphic from the rear wing but I can't remember what worked in the end! It was either WD40 or a cleaner/degreaser. I didn't bother with the side graphics, as I'm going to paint a 'white body' version once I work out the best way to mask off the tiny black parts to spray! 

  • Paint the smallest and the darkest colours last. Masking can be tricky so take your time. Use fine good quality masking tape. Its more flexible but chemicals can seep through so lots of light coats or double up on the tape. 

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