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  • What up the creepy crawlers,


    Just a few pics of my recent mods

    Brass hubs/knuckles weigh 3.7g each

    Rear brass rings around 1.8g each

    Will have to weigh the bash plates as ive forgotten! But enjoy they did make the smallest of difference! 


  • really like those upgrades :)

  • And it begins!

    Toyota 4runner whitebody conversion to make a pick up truck fingers crossed i can show what the average model dude can do!

    If you go for it yourself remember

    Measure TWICE cut ONCE!

  • @Elliot andrews very cool! looks amazing that s one thing to do, and i will 😄. Have you seen Xtra Speed is producing a Mercedes G class and a LR Defender 90 (hard body) for this chassis (120mm). Look @ Facebook / Xtra speed 😉

  • @Alexandre Silva thanks man! Was hard at work lastnight doing the rear window subscribe if you want to follow the build! The bodies look rather good i nearly ordered a defender recently but the wallet needs a break😂



  • If you think the pandemics scary how about cutting the rear window by hand👍😂

  • Flush cut for fitting

  • @Elliot andrews you are taking this to another level... amazing stuff, you rock man!

  • @Elliot andrews absolutely madness, but at the end i already see a 5 stars job! 👍

  • @Alexandre Silva appreciate the kind words! Anything to help the community the biggest worry i have is choosing the right colour hahaha!

  • @Elliot andrews i could give you some ideas, but i believe colours ... only you really would know what your looking for... but well i would go for a rusty look on pale colour base, Metalic green or maybe you know that Metalic blue on the Suzuki Jimny, just darker.. but anyway tastes and colours differ a lot form person to person... so i think and i m sure you will chose a nice colour, i see you do great stuff!

  • @Elliot andrews those bras front hubs and bras rear axle caps.. are they from Xtra speed or from Kyosho?


  • @Alexandre Silva xtra speed! I just couldnt wait for the kyosho goods to be released😂

  • @Elliot andrews ...well not just the waiting time but also 3 to 5 times cheaper depending on what parts... today i gived up because i m going mad crazy whit that steering problem, i tryed all your tips, in fact the rods where not all equal in length, solved that all but that problem keeps making me crazy... fowards all good reverse a bit better but after a half meter goes R .. always. an other trouble and mistake from Kyosho.. they dont give info about the length for the sterring rod... 🙁 i think eventualy i will take it all a part and see if i find some trouble inside somthing cause i can't figure out why it s doing that...

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