A few questions for a noob

  • Can you use the tyres that come with the autoscale shells? I'm using the rcp grand prix track smooth side and my RWD rear mount keeps spinning out.. To be honest I'm very confused by what wheels and tyres to buy. 

    In additon to the traction issue im strggling to get the rc to drive in a straight line. Ive tried adjusting the trim and reseting the rc etc but it still veers to the left or right, it's not awful but notciable, is this nornal?

    Also I was wondering where I could buy some blank 30 size tiles to increase the width of track? Can't find them anywhere.... is it something RCM8 could order in?


  • @Clive Measor One of the first things you should change on your car is the tyres. The tyres Kyosho put on the cars are completely pointless unfortunately.  If you change the tyres your spinning out will stop and you will be able trim the steering properly.   

    I would start with Kyosho own branded tyres...

    For the Rear: https://www.rcm8.net/collections/tyres/products/20-shore-radial-tyre-wide-4-pieces-kyosho-standard-height

    For the Front, something like:


    This simple change will completely change the car, for the better... let us know about the handling / steering.


    On a RWD, the tyres on the rear are Wide (11mm) and the front are Narrow (8.5mm) 


    With regards to the track - unfortunately blank tiles are not available to my knowledge, but I will check. 

    Let us know how you get on and good luck!!! 

  • Cool thanks for the info. Ive spent quite a bit so might wait till next month to buy some tyres...

    Let me know about the tile blanks.



  • @Clive Measor you certainly have.... I will be in touch! Thank you Clive! 

  • Hi @Steve Metcalfe 

    I was also wondering about lap timing equipment I see you have some transponders for sale but no recievers etc. Can you recommend a good system for Mini Z without having to pay loads of money out.

    Also I was thinking of coming along to a weekend event im asunming because of the current situation such events are all cancelled unitl further notice. 


  • The Robitronics system is the best value for money in my opinion. I will get a link over to you.... 

  • Nice one thanks.

  • Hi Clive,

    The link to have a look at the Robitroincs timing equipmeny (which is the euqipment many use inclusing me at Ashford Radio Control Car Club)....  it's a great system and works well! 


    If you have any questions, let me know. 

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