Red28 - United Kingdom

    Location: United Kingdom Jackmans Community Centre, Letchworth, SG6 2NL
    Race Days / Nights: Every Monday 7-10pm
    Overview: We race Mini-Z’s and other 1/28 scale cars such as GL Racing and Atomic.
    Due to Covid please refer to our FB page to confirm opening days and times.

  • This is the club is go to.  It opened its doors again last night for the first time since Covid.  Obviously we have to wear masks inside, and all pit tables are set with chairs 3m apart.  It was good to get some laps on the car (and me!) and then start to set it up a bit. A long way to go to get me competitive, but the improvements over 3 hours last night are noticable.  As standard, it's already led to another order going in for new parts.

  • @Ben M Awesome, Ben; thanks for sharing! The track layout, albeit smaller, is quite similar to our club in Ashford 👍

  • Quick update thus far from me - I think that's 5 weeks now since I started racing and the lap times are improving well.  I got a 1st, 2nd and a third place in the 3 races we had last night, so chuffed with that. One of the cars that was quicker in race 3 was a lipo-powered GLR. Lap times... I set myself a target of sub 12 secs - there are 3 other drivers that can hit the 11s.  I ran a 12.0 last night, so I've not hit my target as yet but only a tenth out! Car is running really well, but was grip-rolling a fair bit last night on fresh 20 shore tyres.  I have -1 camber knuckles to instal to dial some out. Overall a good night! 

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