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    Nexx Racing's Lipo Chassis Conversion Manual for MR03

    Are you ready for a new open class; the supercharged mini-Z lipo class?
    NEXX RACING team is delighted to release a new lipo conversion chassis for Mini-Z 1:28 scale cars called the SKYLINE. The SKYLINE lipo conversion chassis is a conversion kit that takes all electronics of the mini-Z and converts the mini-Z from 4 x AAA ni-Mh batteres to 2 x lipo batteries version. With dual 2S lipo batteries, the mini-Z is like twin-power charged with much stronger power and also twice as long lasting race time.
    The lipo batteries are mounted well balance on both sides of the frame with better stability in cornering.
    Easy carbon fiber battery compartment door for easy installation and removal of batteries.
    Top frame has empty spaces to allow multiple electronics mounting and extra weights to adjust C.G.
    Total weight of car with dual 2s 350mAh batteries is only 140g, incredibly 10g lighter than stock car.
    Compatible with NEXX V-LINE front suspension system and PN Racing Double A-Arm and most motor mounts on the market for 90-102mm Wide wheel base.
    Recommended electronics:
    • SERVO : Stock mini-Z servo gears and KYOSHO main board, PN RACING servo board, other servo boards that are taken off from micro servos…
    • MOTOR : All 1/28 motors on the market that fit your motor mount you are using.
    • BODY: can use plastic hard bodies or lexan bodies
    • BATTERIES: GL Racing batteries, any 2s batteries that fits battery compartment 20x 40x 11.5mm

    Available in Red, Orange, Blue and Black from RCm8 now!

    Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.....

    Nexx racing Lipo Chassis Conversion Kit

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