My SUZUKI Jimny and TOYOTA 4Runner

  • @Alexandre Silva Im guessing you couldnt decide between the two an got both😂

  • @Elliot andrews you so right ... 1st i got the Suzuki... 2 weeks later i went for the Toyota cause it has a better angle front attack (70 degrees) more crawler then the Suzuki. After one day, even both have the same chassis 10mm difference between axle i have to say they are very different because of the tyres too, i would say they almost 2 very different 4X4 and i love them even more because of that. I m thinking about a few upgrades made by Kyosho like shocks (coming still not on the market) and a few more things all to improve grip and crawling ability. Don't get me wrong about the Suzuki... i bought the Toyota also because i thought if the Suzuki is that nice and fun to drive, why not buy the other one (Toyota) too. No regrets i just have some trouble with the Toyota s steering when running forward goes straight out, when reversing goes always to the right even after spending lots of time trying to get it right, witch i did with the Suzuki. In the manual they say that s normal, well it is not normal to my standards 😁

  • @Alexandre Silva reading that i think we must be so alike even 1mm out sends me crazy if i know about it 😂

    Regarding the toyota do you have a micrometer? Im still unsure if kyosho have effd up or not here but measure and play with the length of the front links and the length of the rod to the servo and also if you have seen the steering fix,



    For the general public the faults are minor but i need perfection😂

    The reversing issue could also be a sloppy ballend on one side at the rear!

    My steering issue was actually more down to front end slop top link and ballends!


  • @Elliot andrews i did saw the video for the steering fix... i did ok with the Suzuki, only with the Toyota i m struggling, but well i m also in to prefect, otherwise (more or less) does not exists in my vocabulary it has to be perfect. The strange thing is forwards all good just when reversing goes always to the R... i will try your tips! By the way (sorry i m no pro in English) what do you mean whit micrometer and sloppy ballend on one side at the rear? because i believe it could be something in the back... I do believe we must be alike.. everything must be perfect (i m whit you) at least a 110% working contition ;)

  • @Alexandre Silva your english is easily read an rather good!

    I will add some photos or a video for you later on to confirm the ballends but im sure you wont need them!

    The links that go to the axles and chassis have little balls in them(screws go through them) for articulation same for the top of the shocks where mounted to the body

    Flip the chassis upside down held in one hand and with the other grab a wheel an feel for forwards backwards play(slop) on either side one move more than the other? 

    Not sure how mechanically minded you are but think of an actual cars front ball joints on the tie rod if one starts to fail the vehicle pulls to the side with the play in the joint! 

  • I see yes ;) you have "upgraded once" MXW007 made by Kyosho, was thinking buying them... always better then plastic ones... and yes i noticed from the beginning there was a lot of move going on much more on the Toyota then on the Suzuki. Thanks a lot for your advice 😉 👍

  • @Elliot andrews yes can can even by eye see that one side is shorter then on the other side so the axle isn't parallel with the front, obviously we are talking about micons.. but i do see and yes one of the wheels is a bit harder to move 😉 will have to fix that. Anyway on the list 😁 are those upgraded rods MXW001R and MXW002R but i saw some nice to from Xtra speed they have also the steering linkage... Again, you rock, thanks a lot!

  • @Alexandre Silva currently waiting for the mxw007 but xtra speed version i have ordered the 110mm MXW001R also 

    Regarding the the xtra speed version(steel) i have seen some people stating they only suit the jimny (or a 120mm wheelbase)

    Which would mean the wheels would look off to the wheel arch but i cant confirm just a heads up!

  • @Alexandre Silva correction to the above i have ordered the mxw007 had to double check😂

  • @Elliot andrews yes you have from Kyosho (Alu. Link Rod set) MXW001R (110mm) and MXW002R (120mm). The one from Xtra speed XS-OM27016 i don't know the length but i saw one pic with those mounted on a Toyota, the thing that i prefere on those is that you also get the steering rod... (not available in Kyosho for the moment). And MXW007 is a must cause plastic balls will ware out i believe cause mounted on screws at both ends add sand and you get the pic...

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