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By supporting the RC community, we can help the clubs, tracks and events find the success they deserve and, at the same time, create more opportunities for the racers and help grow the community.

We have, therefore, created an amazing opportunity for five lucky large-scale racers in the form of sponsorship deals: we’ll help you grow as a racer in exchange for you assisting RCM8. is the fastest growing hobby store on the internet that specialises in RC racing. Over the course of a year, we have dominated one scale of racing and are now making moves in the large-scale space. We would like your help to assist our growth and ensure RCM8 offers what every racer needs!

What we want from you

  • Attend club and national race meetings - enough attendances to qualify in the championship.
  • Share your experiences before, during and after racing, using social media, whilst promoting our brand (simply capture our logo in a photograph or mention our name, thanking us for support, etc., is great).
  • Where possible, wear our branded racewear at race meetings.
  • Place our stickers on your car.
  • Do not promote any other supplier of large-scale cars, parts, and accessories. This includes removing any stickers you have on your car that may promote a large-scale supplier (manufacturer brands are okay).
  • Where possible, purchase cars, parts, and accessories from RCM8. If you need to buy elsewhere, due to lack of stock, etc., you must not promote the company that supplied you.
  • Promote RC racing and help build the community on social media to encourage others to take part in this scale RC, join the clubs and use the tracks available across the country.
  • Advise us on cars, parts, and accessories that we should stock on our website, and improvements to our website, to help us become the best online large-scale racing store.
  • Be able to test products and provide constructive feedback.
  • Use our Z-Tech branded tools and other products where possible and help us develop new tools and accessories.
  • Allow us to announce that you’re our team driver in future marketing campaigns and, where possible, allow us to use your photographs and social media posts in those campaigns.
  • Where possible, when advising people on cars, parts, and accessories, point them in the direction of RCM8 - that is both verbally and on social media, etc.
  • Show loyalty, respect and a commitment to our brand and our relationship with you.

Find out more

If you’re interested in joining our large-scale racing team and want to know what you can get out of it, please contact us on the details below and tell us why you would be a good candidate to work with RCM8.


Phone: 07955 104825

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