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Pre-Order Information / Policy

The RCm8 Pre-Order service greatly improves your opportunity of securing a product but does not guarantee you will end up being able to check out and purchase the product.  However, fear not - with RCm8 we ensure you are a winner either way - continue reading. 

All products RCm8 stock or intend to stock that are i) Limited Edition ii) New Out iii) Generally sought after and difficult to get hold of; will be offered on the Pre-Order service. 

How does it work?

Simple, if a product is available on pre-order, you use this option to add the product to your basket, check out and pay the deposit.

When the item comes into stock, you will see the final payment is due when visiting the RCm8 website.

It's important you keep an eye on the website when the product is due into stock. 

At this point, those that pay the final balance first, will receive the item(s) - it's a first come first serve service. If you go to check out and the option for you to pay the final balance is not there, unfortunately it's too late, but do not worry, as we said, at RCm8 you are always a winner!  At this point you have options, the options are as follows: 

1. Request a full refund (please note, the payment service may deduct a transaction fee but this is NOT RCm8, we refund the full amount).

2. Request a store credit with an additional £5 off your next order - yes, your money grows! 

3. Leave your account as it is, make no request and wait until the product comes back into stock next time around. 

Please email: with your request.

This is an exclusive service RCm8 offer and we do our best to order enough quantity of all stock items to cover everyone. However, what we order and what we receive, are two completely different things. 

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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