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RCM8 Team Roles

If you would like to know more about the roles and /or interested in joining and learning about the benefits of joining the RCM8 team, please email  (or Whats App - 07955104 825) for further information.  Note, before the benefits of joining the team are handed out a suitability disucssion will take place.  All roles are reviewed annually - Please note, some roles are already filled.  All roles are for the UKI only and are reviewed annually, they can be pulled at any time. 

Team Manager (1 position)

To assist me in team communications and help with the various team activities, moral boosting, general support. The backbone of the team. Passion, drive and a small amount of time along with the ability to interact positively with a range of personalities is key for this role.

Junior Driver or / and Parent Support Programme (Unlimited Positions)

Unlimited number for junior drivers to join the team, for drivers up to 18 years of age (you must be 18 or younger before the 1st January of any given year). If you are a junior driver or / and drive alongside a parent, contact me now! 

Note, once you pass the Junior age limit, a decision will be made to offer you another drive.

Rookie Driver Support Programme (2 Positions)

Support for 2 drivers new to the sport / scale of racing.  If you're new to racing this is for you! Contact me now and let RCM8 help you on your way to enjoying Large Scale RC Racing! 1 Year opportunity at a time opportunity. 

Pro Drive (6 Positions)

Looking for 6 drivers who are the top of their game, seek support and want to be part of & help a team grow in ability and success Manufacturer. Interested - reach out. You will represent RCM8 at all times.

Pro Drive - Junior (4 Positions)

Looking for 4 drivers who have shown great driving ability and are the future of the hobby; you seek support and want to be part of & help a team grow in ability and success. Interested? Reach out! You are the future of the sport and will represent rcm8. 

Specialist Driver Advisor (Multiple Positions)

Positions for those who specialise in an RCM8 stocked product - Car manufacturers. 

Web Content Advisor (1 Position)

To assist in ensuring the details on the website and accuracy is to the best of one’s knowledge. Help us achieve the place to go website! 

RCM8 PRO (1 Position)

To help promote Large Scale RC, share information about the events RCM8 attends, along with driver success and RCM8 products and services

RCM8 Supporters Club (Unlimited) Small fee applies, which is given back through store credits and freebies)

Like what we do? Like some freebies and the odd deal? Fancy supporting us on our journey with some benefits to yourself. Then this is for you!

Help the future of the hobby, help yourself, work with RCM8! Contact us NOW!


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