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Who is Who 'Team RCM8'

Team and Staff Overview

  • Owner / Founder: Steve Metcalfe
  • Partner: Lee Metcalfe
  • Partner: Paul Able


  • Pro-Drive: Myles Dixon (2WD Touring Car)
  • Pro-Drive: Luke Whiting (2WD Touring Car)
  • Pro-Drive Donato Dii-Luro (2WD Touring Car)
  • Pro-Drive: Mark Moorwood (FG 510 4WD)
  • Pro-Drive: Gary Stirk (FG 530 4WD)
  • Pro-Drive: Nathan Nardone (2WD Touring Car)

Junior Programme

  • Fraiser Shoveller (FG 530 4WD)
  • Harry Middleton (FG 530 4WD)

Parent and Child Programme

  • Matt (2WD Touring car) & Dani Buxton (FG Mini)
  • Matthew (FG Mini) & Harrison Wright (FG Mini)

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