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Why A Team?

Yes! RCM8 is a supplier of products however we want to be far more than that....  selling products is great, but look at it this way; ensuring racers have a reliable source to assist with staying on the track is far more important. In addition, one of our main goals is to grow the sport. We need more people racing large scale and are very keen to build a community with like minded people!  

For those that think there is money in supplying parts, trust me there is not - it really is for the love of racing and being part of such a great 2nd family. Without suppliers, you couldn't race - especially on race days for those offering trackside support.

The team brings a different aspect to racing, the drivers are the most important people in this sport, without the drivers there is no sport.  The drivers at Team RCM8 are supported to help them enter the sport, increase ability, assist with reaching their full potential and ensure they have fun! When joining the team, it's a two way relationship - we help you, you help the sport and RCM8.

Here are a few bullet points as to why RCM8 have a team (but not limited to):

  • To help raise awareness of the sport and increase participation
  • A support network from an event, large scale information and product perspective
  • Increase number of junior drivers to help secure the future of the sport
  • Help drivers achieve their goals
  • Spot talent and assist drivers in reaching the maximum potential
  • Help make racing fun
  • Building an RC family

From the driver:

  • Support those around you and help raise awareness of the sport / events, both locally and further afield.
  • Assist RCM8 in the improvement of the website and service - the better we get, the more enjoyable racing is. 

We have multiple positions in the team, if you are in UKI and are keen to join, please do contact Steve Metcalfe:

  • Email:
  • What's App: 07955 104 825
  • Facebook Messenger

Note: Terms apply and discussions will take place regards suitability

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