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Kyosho Mini-Z 40 Shore Slick Low Height Tyre (4)#MZW39-40

SKU MZW39-40
Fit Car Types FWD, RWD 
Tyre Grip Level Lower Grip
Shore/Degree 40
Tyre Type Slick, Harder Tyre for Front, Low Profile
Pieces Per Pack 4
Usage Urethane tiles (Kyosho and RCP) and carpet too
Part No. MZW39-40
Notes A harder tyre which is a great for removing some twitchiness and maybe for removing some understeer.  Lower range grip with long range life! 


What is 'shore' and 'degrees'?

Shore is short for Shore Durometer. Shore Durometer is a unit of measurement used to test the hardness of elastomeric materials such as rubber.

Degrees is much the same but comes from the unit of measurement called International Rubber Hardness Degrees (IRHD).

Both methods use a device that makes an indentation in the rubber to measure the viscoelastic property of the material.

The lower the shore or degrees, the softer the rubber. The softer the rubber, the more grip you will get.

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