Kyosho KT-432PT Syncro Touch Transmitter

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Full colour touch screen provides smartphone-like control feel and wide range of setting functions, making this upgrade model to the KT-19 a joy to use.

The Syncro Touch FHS/FHSS 2.4GHz transmitter is an ideal upgrade to the KT-19 included with the MR03 / MA020 / Overland Sports / Mini-Z Sports Series, Crawlers and Mini-Z Moto Racer models.

In addition to improved response and control precision, the other outstanding feature of the Syncro Touch KT-432PT is the colour touch panel that creates a similar control feel to a smartphone.

Like other mid-range transmitters, the Syncro Touch menu is rich with setting options from end-point, exponential, mixing and model memory (20 models), but also displays these in a user-friendly graphical and illustrated format like a smartphone.

 Switch the power ON/OFF and hear the start up sound of a racing car from the internal speaker. The Syncro Touch KT-432PT not only realises an evolution in performance, but also takes the visual and user experience to a whole new level.

Kyosho’s guiding philosophy of 'serious about having fun' is embodied in this next generation transmitter by enhancing the enjoyment of operating a transmitter and driving R/C cars at the same time.

Orthodox design. Includes thin-type rubber grip as standard but also includes thicker L size for easier grip. Lightweight 398g is easy to hold for long drive times.

Steering wheel position can be adjusted by extension. 5 trim switches are positioned around the steering wheel and 2 push switches are located near the grip for easy reach and control.

While still a mid-range transmitter, the symmetrical design allows easy conversion for left-handed users by changing the installed extension.

Easy visuals from the large 3.35-inch full colour touch panel display brings smartphone-like control to R/C car transmitters. Popular language choice settings are available such as English and Japanese.

Setting screen features menu icons, more than enough for a mid-range transmitter. Illustrations are easy to understand and provide direct access and control of menu selections.

Use of graphical and illustrated displays presents information on screen in the easiest to understand format. Control with the flick of a finger, just like a smartphone screen (photo shows steering exponential setting screen).

  • Channels: 4-Channel
  • Weight: 398g;
  • Power Supply Voltage: 4x AA alkaline batteries;
  • Compatible Models: Cars & Boats;
  • RF Range: 2.405 -2.475 GHz;
  • 2.4GHz System: FHS(MINI-Z) / FHSS 1Way (KR-331) / FHSS 2Way (KR-431T);
  • Low Voltage Warning: Below 3.7V;
  • Steering Range: 66° (Left / Right 45°);
  • Throttle Range: 45° (Forward / Reverse 30°);
  • Authentication: CE0678.FCC.


  • KT-432PT transmitter unit
  • Grip rubber (L size)
  • Micro USB cable


    • 4 x AA alkaline batteries for transmitter

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